Uniform Resources (URs) have been Blockchain Commons’ most successful interoperable specification to date.

Please submit PRs if you are aware of different usages or to make corrections.

Publisher Wallet Animated PSBT ur:crypto-psbt ur:crypto-* Future
BlueWallet BlueWallet ? ? bc-urv1  
Casa Casa Wallet YES YES -hdkey (-request/response for health check)  
Cobo Cobo Wallet ? ? bc-urv1  
DIYBitcoin DIY Hardware Wallet YES ? ?  
Denton Development Fully Noded YES YES ?  
Blockstream Jade YES ? ?  
Blockchain Commons keytool-cli NO YES -hdkey, -request, -response, -seed  
Keeper Keeper Wallet YES YES -account  
Keystone Keystone Essential/Pro YES YES ?  
Foundation Passport YES YES (-request/response with Casa for health check) -account
Meteor Software SeedSigner YES ? ?  
Blockchain Commons Seed Tool YES YES -account, -address, -bip39, -hdkey
-output, -seed, -sskr
Blockchain Commons seedtool-cli NO NO -seed, -sskr  
Craig Raw Sparrow YES YES -account, -address, -bip39, -hdkey,
-output, -seed
SeedHammer SeedHammer NO NO -output  

More info on URs can be found in research papers and in the rest of the UR docs