General Questions

Is LifeHash Secure?

LifeHash is not a cryptographic hash. Anecdotally, it proves very different visual images for even one bit’s different in its input. However, to prove its security to a cryptographic security level, studies would have to be done to prove that its visual hashing method were truly random and that visually similar hashes didn’t dramatically increase the collision rate.

LifeHash is instead a human-factor/UX hack: something meant to make it easier for us, as humans, to deal with the security of cryptographic systems. We know that humans aren’t actually any good at reading the long numbers that are the actual identifiers for cryptographic seeds and keys. LifeHash offers a complementary identification method.

Practically, that means that LifeHash should always be used alongside other identification methods, such as digests. Our OIB system is meant to provide that additional identification?

How Many Colors Are Needed for Lifehash Display?

A special Grayscale-Fiducial format is supported to allow more contrast on grayscale displays. Though color displays are obviously preferable, LifeHash will offer meaningful differences with grayscale.

What Minimum Size is Required for LifeHash Display?

We have tested LifeHash on displays as small as 200x200 and gotten good results. Some displays of LifeHash by some users have been even smaller.