One of the biggest challenges for digital assets (and especially for self-sovereign control of digital assets) is ensuring that you keep the seeds and keys that control those assets safe. Though *Compromise* is certainly an issue, *Failure* is likely a bigger problem for more individual digital-asset owners: it’s easy to lose a seed or key!

Blockchain Commons’ *Sovereign & Social Recovery* projects increase the Resilience of digital assets through a variety of means, all intended to ensure that users retain control of their digital assets.

Developer Resources are available for the following projects:

  • SSKR (Sharded Secret Key Reconstruction) uses Shamir’s Secret Sharing and Uniform Resources to shard a seed into a set of self-identifying shares that a user can store physically or digitally.
  • CSR (Collaborative Seed Recovery) takes the next step by allowing for the storage of metadata with shares using Gordian Envelopes and by supporting users in the selection of multiple share servers.
  • CKM (Collaborative Key Management) is a next-generation methodology building on secure multi-party computation, where keys are generated by multiple devices only as they’re needed.
  • FROST (Flexible Round-Optimized Schnorr Threshold Signatures) is one of the prime protocols for next-gen CKM. It uses Schnorr signatures and is currently seeing multiple implementations. Blockchain Commons is holding round tables to support the process.

Developers may also be interested in our user-focused #SmartCustody articles, which discuss many best practices for the storage of digital assets.