Digital assets are controlled by seeds and keys, which tend to be big, unrecognizable numbers. Yet users are called upon to recognize those numbers, so that they know that they’re using the right accounts and sending money to the right accounts. If they can’t recognize their seeds and keys, then they become exposed to fraud.

Since Blockchain Commons is a strong supporter of the self-sovereign control of digital assets, where users have complete agency over their assets, a solution was needed for this problem. By introducing visual hashes of data and organizing them into Object Identity Blocks, Blockchain Commons is presenting a new way to help users to identify their digital seeds and keys.

Developer Resources are available for the following projects:

  • LifeHash is a digital hashing method that can be applied to seeds or keys alike. It creates a distinct and static visual image that memorably respresents a key.
  • OIB (Object Identity Block) suggests a methodology for incorporating several crucial bits of information, including a LifeHash, to create a multi-faceted representation of a seed or key that’s more meaningful than a long string of numbers.